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It started Aug. 12, when North Korea opened a Twitter account, using the popular site to spread propaganda. The South this week responded by trying to block its citizens from accessing the content, threatening offenders with jail. The North, in turn, engineered ways to bypass some of the censorship.

North and South Korea remain in what amounts to a state of war, which makes such actions by authorities in Seoul common.

The feed was created along with North Korea’s YouTube account as a means of distributing propaganda against South Korea and the US.

Seoul’s state-run Communications Standards Commission and National Police Agency said that the feed contains “illegal information” and “content that praises, promotes and glorifies” North Korea, which are banned under South Korean security laws. 

“We decided to act immediately, after having considered the unique nature of social networking services like Twitter, where specific information can be dispersed to thousands in a short period of time,” said Han Myung-ho, an official with the Communications Standards Commission.

“We are constantly monitoring the North’s Twitter account, to see if it posts any links using new domains,” another official told Agence France-Presse. “Whenever the North uses different routes, we will block them so that no South Korean followers will get access to the Web site.”