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Document Legalization for Chile

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Document Type
Power of attorney, marriage certificate, death certificate, notarized documents, articles of incorporation, bylaws, bank statement, corporate documents, birth certificate, personal documents, business documents and school documents.

Chile Apostille or Authentication
Chile is not a member to apostille countries. Legalization of documents go through an authentication process.


United Arab Emirates Embassy Legalization

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United Arab Emirates is not an apostille country. Documents for use in United Arab Emirates must be legalized through a chain of authentication. It can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Also, a very pricey document processing depending on what type of documents that are being process. Common documents for legalization are:
General Power of Attorney, Resolution, Distribution Agreement, Article of Incorporation, Registration, Appointment/Distributor, Authorization of Agent, Assignment, Board Resolution, Certificate of Incorporation, ByLaws, US Patent Application, Trademark Application, Certificate of Good Standing, Free Sale Certificate/EP, Price List, Financial Statement

U.S. Documents Apostille

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Most common U.S. documents submitted for Apostille and/or Embassy Legalization: Affidavits, Bills of Sale, Birth Certificate, Car Titles, Certificate of Naturalization, Death Certificate, Divorce Decree, FBI Background Check, Identity Documents or Passports, Marriage Certificate, Police Records, Power of Attorney, School Diploma, Transcript, University Degrees, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Certificate of Good Standing, Commercial Invoice, FDA Certificate, Free Sale Certificate, General Agreements, IRS Form 6166, ISO Certificate, References and Job Certifications, Trademark, USPTO

China Apostille | China Authentication | Apostille Central

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Authentication is also called certification or legalization. It certifies the genuineness of the signature and/or seal and the position of the person/official who has executed, issued or authenticated (a copy of) a document.

Documents that get authenticated are articles of incorporation, bylaws, certificate of amendment, power of attorney, pharmaceutical documents, birth certificate, marriage certificate etc.

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