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Teaching In South Korea Can Be An Awesome Experience

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Teaching in South Korea can be an awesome experience. You get to travel to another country and feel like you get to start a whole new life.

David, an American teacher in South Korea said, “When I first went to South Korea, I did it because I was tired of living in the United States and just wanted to leave the country for a bit. It’s like when you want to leave school after the 3rd year of high school.

“After living in South Korea for six years, I have a whole new outlook on life. -David”

You just want to get out and can’t wait until the day of graduation. The first year wasn’t much of a cultural shock. The commercial gym seem to be clean. The odd thing in South Korea is they lend you workout clothes and they wash them. In the U.S., they would never do that. The kids are well behaved in the classrooms. Life is different in Busan and Seoul. After living in South Korea for six years, I have a whole new outlook on life. ” Jobs are available in private and public schools but you need qualifications. Getting an English teaching position with either the public school system or private English institutions is fairly simple and usually don’t require certification. You can use programs/organizations like EPIK, GEPIK, and SMOE.

Now, in order to teach in South Korea, one of the requirements is to get your FBI check apostille for South Korea. In addition, you would need to have your university degree Apostille.

Teaching English in South Korea | South Korea Apostille

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The teaching job market in the United States is horrendous. Many Americans fresh out of college can’t find jobs in the U.S. and if they do the average starting salaries are down. College graduates will face some major adversities fresh out of college and they only have a few options. They can crawl back home to mom and dad with racked up student loans – kind of shameful, go back to school and pile up more debt, fight and scrape to get a subsitute teaching job with minimal pay or teach overseas. Option number 4 sounds like the best choice. Teaching overseas can be a very worthwhile experience and one hot destination is South Korea. You get to teach English to South Koreans and it would be a great opportunity to learn about a new culture & possibly learn a new language, well probably pick up on a few Korean words.

You can find these South Korea teaching jobs all over the internet such as Craigslist, EPIK, or just simply google “South Korea jobs”. You can also utilize your college campus to search for overseas job. Just walk down the college hallway and you’ll see overseas jobs on bulletin boards or take a quick trip to your college career center. An example South Korean job offer, would look like this: 

“HIRING TEACHERS NOW! Whether you’re looking for your first teaching job overseas or if you’re an experienced teacher looking for your next teaching job abroad, we have a great selection of teaching opportunities available.”

Once you set up an interview and reserve a teaching job in South Korea, you will need to get a background check and your degree apostille. What is an apostille? An apostille is an authentication system put in place so your documents are recognize overseas. After all of your documents are ready, you’re off to South Korea for some delicious Korean BBQ.

… to be continued.

South Korea Deal | South Korea News

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By Scott Wilson and Howard Schneider
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, November 11, 2010; 11:01 AM

SEOUL – President Obama’s failure to secure a free-trade agreement with South Korea reveals in sharp relief the limits of his leverage overseas after a devastating midterm election.

Obama’s trip through four Asian democracies is aimed at promoting trade and other economic partnerships to boost long-term job creation in the United States, where midterm voters pounded his Democratic Party for a moribund employment market.

But after visits to India and Indonesia, where Obama on his own removed trade barriers and announced specific export contracts, the politically weakened president could not bring home the agreement that would have the most far-reaching effect on the U.S. economy.

Administration officials say the South Korea deal, which Obama inherited mostly complete from the Bush administration, would increase exports of U.S. goods by $10 billion annually and support 70,000 jobs in the United States.

Officials were aiming to finish the deal before Obama sat down Thursday with with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. But talks foundered, mostly on issues involving the auto and beef markets, and the two leaders were left with nothing more to announce than that they would keep working.

“We don’t want months to pass before we get this done,” Obama said in a news conference following his meeting Lee. “We want it done in a matter of weeks.”

The setback, a characterization White House officials rejected, came in a country where the United States has more leverage than perhaps any other. Nearly 40,000 Americans died in the Korean War, and the United States maintains tens of thousands of troops here to guard this thriving commercial capital against North Korean attack.

It demonstrated the limits of Obama’s appeal for countries to at times compromise their own agendas in order to advance mutually shared interests – in this case, U.S.-Korean trade expansion. That multilateral approach has been a mantra of Obama’s foreign policy philosophy.

As in his dealings with Iran and North Korea on nuclear issues, Obama – who in June set this meeting in Seoul as his deadline for finishing the trade deal – saw negotiations falter because of a country’s inability to move from a strongly held internal position: in this case, South Korea’s overriding national interest in protecting its robust domestic auto industry from outside competition.

Lee, the former chairman of Hyundai Engineering and Construction, expressed gratitude for America’s sacrifice on what was Veterans Day in the United States.

But he would not relent on measures to ensure an open market in South Korea for U.S. cars and beef, not even for an American president to whom he privately confessed – during their first lunch together a year ago – feeling a deep personal gratitude for the support of the United States.

“I know that it will be beneficial for everyone if we can create good jobs in the United States,” Lee said. “And I said it before that that will be helpful not only to the American consumers but to the Republic of Korea, as well.”

South Korea Apostille | Apostille Central

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South Korea is a party to the Hague Convention, therefore you would need to obtain an apostille for your documents.

South Korea Apostille
South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea and sometimes referred to simply as Korea, is a state in East Asia, located on the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula. It is neighbored by the People’s Republic of China to the west, Japan to the east, and North Korea to the north. Its capital is Seoul. South Korea lies in a temperate climate region with a predominantly mountainous terrain. Its territory covers a total area of 99,392 square kilometers and has a population of 50 million.

South Korea Apostille | Apostille for Teachers | Apostille Central

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Fill out order form.

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Mail original document  (i.e. FBI background check, state background check, police background check, university degree, diploma) and order form to: Apostille Pros

Document(s) will be apostille and mailed back by FedEx Priority with tracking.

  • Free FedEx return shipping within the United States
  • FedEx International shipping to South Korea ($65.00)

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Most Common Personal Documents Apostille

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Adoption Dossier
Attorney Letter
Birth Certificate
Death Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Certificate of Good Conduct /Police Clearance Letter
Certificate of Naturalization
Certificate of non-marital status
Children’s Travel Consent Letter
Copy Certification
Court Document
Criminal Background Check
Diploma / Degree
Divorce Judgement/Decree
FBI Background Check
Financial Statements
General Power of Attorney
No Record of a Marriage
Notarized copies of Passport, Affidavits, and other documents
Partnership Agreement
Police Clearance Letter/Background Check
Power of Attorney
Proof of Citizenship
References and job certification.
Sheriff’s Clearance Letter/Background Check
Shipping Documents (commercial invoice and certificate of origin)
Single Status Affidavit
Single Status to Marry, No record of a Marriage
State Background Check
Transcripts (School, College, University, or any other issuing agency)